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Sources of Panther Spares and Repairs

·   The Panther Owners Club Spares Scheme (members only)

·   G.Brewer, Silverhill, Hastings, Sussex, England.

·   Barreg Motors, Main Road (A27) Fishbourne, Chichester, Sussex, England

·   M.Rayner, Skeyton Road Studios, Skeyton Road, North Walsham, Norfolk, UK, NR28 0LU Tel:- 01692 407699

·   Draganfly M/Cs, UK (for g/box & clutch)

·   Reband Panther Spares (especially exhausts)

·   Dave Thornber in Leeds repairs/converts clutch centres, among other work

·   JP Pistons in Adelaide, Aus. Pistons for Panther 600cc. Justin Chadwick , +61 (0)8 8261 72222 (ph), 8261  9171 (fax)

·   IRM in Ontario, Canada will manufacture Panther parts

·   Armours, UK supply exhausts

·   Elk Engineering supply and repair girder forks

·   A letter to the July issue of Old Bike Mart informs that Dowty fork seals are available from K&J Gardner, Wolford Heath, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire, CV36 5RN, ENGLAND. This is all I know. If anyone finds out more please let me know. John Sykes reports that a letter to this address was returned in May 2003, so maybe there's a problem with it. If anyone finds out more please let me know.

·   Rollo Turner tells me that John Reeve is a very long standing member of the POC and an excellent bike mechanic with a particular love of Panthers. He often has a stock of useful parts to get callers out of trouble too. His contact details are: John Reeve, Unit 5, 37 Hamilton Rd, Twickenham TW2 6SN, Tel +(44) 181 894 9749

·   Gordon recommends The Green Spark Plug Co., 340 Washway Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 4HA, UK. Tel:- 0161 9736755 for spark plugs caps etc. Apparently they mention Panther in the catalog.

·   The POC is now having remanufactured Cylinder Heads .

·   Some Panther tank transfers are available from Bob and Marcia Derrick   Tel: 1454  260596

·   Jan Koopmans in Holland overhauls panther engines and says “for any technical questions or disasters and make machines better, just ask”
·   Paul Goff  in UK has had manufacturered Quartz Halogen headlamp bulbs to fit the British Pre-Focus type headlight. Lucas 700 series etc.  These are in 12V 60/55W, 35/35W and 6V 35/35W, 25/25W. They are for sale at £7.00 ea. UK and £8.00 ea Europe. Paul Goff, 62 Clare Rd., Prestwood, Bucks., HP16 0NU
 ·  Alastair Young is making Burman GB filler caps which should fit the later model Panther big singles. He is machining them from Fortal aluminum alloy which is nice and hard and polishes very well. He is interested in making other similar parts. (yahoo mail) or (main mailbox)
 ·  Stoyan has made a batch of Heavyweight clutch baskets. Contact him at

Sources of Panther Paraphernalia

·   T-shirts from the POC.

·   T-shirts from Border books at Church Stretton, Salop, England. Try a web search for them their catalogue is on line (I will put in a link!). The shirt features a M100 with single seat (Ascot) chair and the word Panther.

·   T-shirt: "P&M The Perfected Motorcycle", High quality 100% cotton, printed both sides, Navy shirt, white lettering. $20.00 US. Contact via email for shipping if not in the US. Postpaid in the US. Dr Robert A. Harms
·   Lightweight instruction manuals are apparently available from

The inclusion of these dealers does not imply my endorsement of them nor do I have any involvement (financial or otherwise) with them (except for being a member of the POC which offers spares and regalia).

I am happy to include details of any dealer offering services or parts for Panthers. I require written instruction to give complete address and/or telephone numbers. Where I have not given these the dealer should be easy to locate in the classic bike press.

Panther related proper advertisements could be arranged at very modest rates - ask . This could allow me to fund more disk space at OzEmail (near my 5Mb limit).

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