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Name: 100dowty.jpg, Source: Malcolm Duckett, Size: 101kPanther motorcycles were manufactured by Phelon & Moore (P&M) in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, UK from 1900 to 1967. The most famous models are large (~600cc) single cylinder machines where the engine is a stressed member of the motorcycle frame (an idea patented in 1900 by Joah Phelon and Harry Rayner). P&M were noted for innovation in the first half of the century; as well as the first use of the engine as a stressed frame member, they were first to standardise on chain drive and introduce a two speed gear with chain drive as standard (1904). Even post-WW2 P&M were not shy of innovation; making early use of air sprung front suspension. They used the slogan "The Perfected Motorcycle", leaving little room for improvement! In the 1950s Panthers were regarded highly but by the mid 1960s they were outdated when compared to Japanese machines and P&M went the way of most of the UK motorcycle industry. P&M were absorbed into the IMI group which retains an engineering facility in Cleckheaton, close to the original works.

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