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The following table is closely based on a list of sites prepared by Volker (Dec 2007, updated Mar 2012).

Internet Links of  P & M  PANTHER  Motorcycles        
Title Link Webmaster   Models Content Updated
The Panther Page Simon Fleming   any  -  
Panther Owners Club POC/Simon Fleming   POC  -  
POC Lincolnshire Section Lincolnshire POC Section  


Panther Publishing

Rollo Turner

Mats Berlind homepage Mats Berglind   P&M19, m50, m60 & Literature 1914 - 1961 24/03/2012
Moto Sport Schweiz Oli Thut + Panther-Geschichte   M 50 Many Pics  

The Panther Lair
Murray Barnard  
m40, m65, m90, m120
My bikes Ari Lehtimki   p&m23, m100 1923 1954    
Vintage Bike Co.  
 35 Pictures  
M 120 Johnny X   M 120 5 Pics  
vintage bikes the M page Manuk Lee   M 100 1 pic  
European Motorcycles
Cyber Motorcycle Universe
Motor Psycho Realms Les Still   M 100 Cutaway  -  
Real Classics
  Panther Rally USA 2003

  Often has Panthers for sale


German Panther

Non-P&M German Panther 

Panther Motorcycles Forum Facebook   Forum with 173 pics + 9 videos   2008
Motorbikes Search Engine - Panther Rollo Turner GB 20 Pictures  with there Stories    
VDB Nick van der Borg DE German and english restoration report 19 pics 2005
motomania Panther T-shirts NL      
Tuerco Chile CL Spanish report of a M 75 10 pics M75 '53  

Panthers on YouTube  
Title Link     Models Content Updated
Panther M100 600ccs     M100 Combination  
The Last Hurrah Tour: Pakistan       6'09'' 2006
Panther M 120 von Fred     Restauration bei Roger  (CH) 7'02'' 2008
P & M (Phelon & Moore ) 1910     Start & ride a 465 cc of 1919 4'56'' 2008

Panthers on Flikr  
Title Link     Models Content Updated
Panther and P&M Motorcycles     All sorts  
Vintage Parts Books and Manuals     Panther 1938-45 and other  


General Classic Bike Content  
Title Link Webmaster   Models Content Updated
Bikelinks     Huge collection of links    
Old Bike Mart          
Alltimers     Occasional Panther content    

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