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Scooters - P&M were the UK importers and distributors of the French Terrot mopeds and scooters. The "Scooterrot" did not sell that badly but was plagued with warranty claims, mainly on paintwork. The mopeds were a non-starter: they couldn't give them away towards the end! P&M made their own scooter, the Princess, which, although it had some potential, was not a success. Few motorcycle manufacturers have made a successful scooter; the two machines require different approaches to design and manufacture.

Commercial Vehicles - In 1935 Guymar Light Transport of London announced an 8cwt three wheel van powered by a 598cc Model 100 Redwing Panther engine. It seems that this only got to the prototype stage although a two-seater coupe and a short-wheelbase tractor version were also planned. {For further information see Classic Bike from 1982, Sloper of May 1997 or The Book.}

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