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In late 2007 I started to put new information into Wikipedia as a better place for detailed information on models. I have to date duplicated this in the Panther Page. However in due course I may remove this duplication from the Panther Page, depending on how Wikipedia develops.

On 24th December 2003 OzEmail, who have hosted the Panther Page, since its inception deleted my account without notice. I have a very early contract with them which charges only for dial-up for email access not web hosting so they have not recieved anything from me for several years. So it is not surprising they wanted me to move on. I don't believe the contract we have allows them to do that, but life's too short. So in early January 2004 I moved the site temporarily to Geocities and now, hopefully more permanently, to the Panther Owners Club site. Taking advantage of that move I have also relocated tha Panther Pictures site off Geocities to the POC site.

Hans van de Geer has been working on a Literature List for a couple of weeks now and has had input from several people on the email list. This goes live on 01/04/98. Further updates, in form and content, are anticipated over the next few weeks.

At the AGM in November 1997 the POC gave official backing to the Panther Page and I will be putting more POC related material up in the near future. I have slightly restructured the page to accomodate these changes and to tidy up the appearance of the intro pages (08/11/97)

This site has been included on a CD-Rom of motorcycle Web pages called Internet Moto, part of the One Way series produced Shendene Associati of Milano.

I have been corresponding with Barry Jones, author of The Book , recently and have plenty of useful suggestion and additions. I have incorporated most of his comments throughout the above model descriptions and gratefully acknowledge his contribution.

Apparently this web page recieved a mention in the Jan '96 issue of British Bike (now Motorcycle Classics).

A letter in Sloper in December '95 generated a reasonable amount of interest and so far I have received email from seven POC members (rather to my surprise). I have received some constructive criticism and will be updating the page in the next month or so (mostly in relation to twins and two-strokes and hopefully a couple of extra pictures). There are other Panther pictures on the net: Other Motorcycle Links . There may be sufficient Panther fans on the net to set up a listserver (I would envisage something with a very low signal level and nearly zero noise level) - any interest?

This page got a mention on the BritIron list in early July '95 and I have had sufficient feedback to encourage me to put in some more effort. Also the questions that I was asked indicated the type of things people want to know. I am now including a faq section and one on Panther lore. I will also increase the number of pictures when I can get time on the scanner.


20/01/10    Added pictures of  İbrahim Çemberci and his Panther in Instanbul in Panther Pictures
23/11/09    Added details on Taiwanese "Panthers" (thanks Tom)
13/04/09    Added cartoon and 1914 V-Twin and Non-P&M Panthers (thanks Volker)
12/04/09    Added pictures of 1900 prototype to P&R Models and 1905 & 1910 P&Ms to P&M Models (thanks Volker)
12/04/09    Added new pictures of various badges to Panther Pictures - Badges & Logos (thanks Volker)
11/04/09    Updated Bibliography (thanks Volker)
10/01/09    Added and updated Links (thanks Volker)
25/12/08    Restructured slightly to coordinate development with POC (removed Adverts and Events, editted Clubs)
14/07/08    Added a little more information about the early P&Ms
19/01/08    Added and updated Links (thanks Volker)
16/01/08    Added five cartoons to the Panther Pictures Cartoon Gallery (thanks Volker)
13/01/08    Removed link to My Bikes make space for info on Panther Wiki
12/01/08    Added info on books and brochures to Other Panther Information
24/12/07    Replaced Links (thanks Volker)
19/12/07    General tidying of Biblio, Misc and Links
11/12/07    Updated Literature List / Bibliography (thanks Volker)
19/11/07    Added info and picture of 1935 Model 100
26/10/07    Added info and picture of 1937 Model 100
31/05/07    Added info on the Last Hurrah Tour
15/04/06    Updated 1904 Humber (Beeston) from Yesterday Antique Motorcycles
29/01/06    Added 1904 Humber and 1908 Kynoch (Non-P&M Panthers ) from Racing Motorcycles
27/10/05    Added 1911/12 3.5hp P&M photo (thanks Hartwig and Stephen) to Heavyweights P&M
16/07/05    Added KS-98 German Panther to Non-P&M Panthers (thanks Harri)
19/06/05    Added clutch basket info and new link
27/12/04    Added new information on French La Panthere
23/04/04    Added links to Panther Publishing
31/10/03    Added link to Jordan's Postwar Heavyweight Page
??/01/04    Relocated Panther Page to Panther Owners Club site
??/01/04    Relocated Panther Page temporarily to Geocities
01/06/03    Added link to David Bolsover's Panther Parts Database
17/11/02    Added a couple of items to the Dealers info
17/04/02    Added John Sinclair's 1915 P&M
06/01/02    Added Wenceslao to Panther People Pictures
29/12/01    Updated Email List and Dealers
31/01/01    Added info on 1915 V-Twin prototype (thanks Mats)
25/11/00    Added info on 25th POC National and 2nd Australian Rallies
    Added link (to ) and basic details on 1928 dirtrack racer
27/08/00    Added details of Geoff Mack's 1954 UK-Aus Panther trip and subsequent hit song (thanks Rick)
    Added 1932 M100 Redwing Pictures (thankjs Gijs)
13/08/00    Added Heavyweight Model 60 (thanks Mats)

21/05/00    Added Svalan and German Panther pictures to Non-P&M Page

08/05/00    Added 1951 M100 and 1954 M75 adverts & POC cartoon (thanks Tom)
07/05/00    Added pictures and some info on 1900, 1902 and 1903 P&R Models (thanks Robert)
07/05/00    Added picture of Svalan registration paper to Panther Pics Misc (thanks Mats)
06/05/00    Added Svalan tank transfers to Svalan and Panther Pics Logos pages (thanks Mats)
04/05/00    Picture of 1947 Model 60 on lightweights page (thanks Robert)
03/05/00    Put scan of ~26-~33 tank transfer on Model 90 page (and Panther Pics Logos ) (thanks Alan)
03/05/00    Made P&R and Humber pages a little more complete
01/05/00    Split up the Heavyweight page as it was becoming difficult to access and maintain.
22/04/00    Added information and pictures of 1914 RFC Model at UK National M/C Museum
20/02/00    Added John Reeve's details to spares and repairs (thanks Rollo)
10/02/00    Added information and pictures of 1902 2.75 hp Humber at UK National M/C Museum
07/02/00    Australian Panther Rally info in Events
30/01/00    Added information and pictures of 1922 4.5hp 555cc Model A at UK National M/C Museum
28/01/00    Added discussion of cams to Technical Tips (thanks Paul)
13/11/99    Added discussion of oil consumption solutions to Technical Tips (thanks Grahame and Paul)
xx/xx/xx    No records kept
01/04/98    Literature List added
xx/xx/xx    No records kept
08/11/97    Restructured Intro pages
xx/xx/xx    No records kept
21/06/97    For Sale & Wanted section added
01/06/97    Major update and overhaul of structure
xx/xx/xx    No records kept
??/02/97    The page has grown too large for my Web editor so I have chopped it up
xx/xx/xx    No records kept
09/04/95    Created first version

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