The Panther Story

The Story of Phelon & Moore Ltd

Barry M Jones


The complete history of Panther motorcycles, their manufacture, exploits, achievements and finally their demise. This new book written by Barry Jones, (the POC Librarian) is full of new information, photos and illustrations and provides the authoritative history of the marque. The book is absolutely fascinating showing how our Panthers were made, sold and ridden all those years ago. Whether you are attempting a completely original restoration or just want to find out a bit more about your bike, The Panther Story is the definitive source.

Contents: Introduction; The dawn of motorcycling; Phelon & Rayner- the early years; The Humbers 1901-1907; The Phelon and Moore partnership 1904-1908; Under new management; P&M 1908-1914; The V-twin; On Her Majesties Service; Peace and the four speed P&Ms; A Panther is born; ohv Panthers 1924-1928; Redwing Panthers 1929-1932; Racing Panthers; Panther heavyweights 1933-1937; The Venture; The Guymar; Heavyweight developments 1938-1940; The Panthette V-twin and the Panther – Villiers; Red Panthers and Strouds 1932-1940; War and Peace; Sidecars and caravans; Post war Middleweights; Swedish mysteries and other exports; Return of the Panther Villiers; Cleckheaton's Princess; The biggest aspidistra in the world; The flight of the Phoenix; A tour of the works; Administration; Phelon and Moore's patents; Biographies; Specifications; Index

Hardcover A4, 312pp, 500+ B&W Illustrations, Specifications list for every model, ISBN 0 9535098 0 X

Phelon & Moore Ltd were one of the earliest and most successful pioneers of motorcycling, producing their famous, patented sloping engine design from 1901 to 1966. It was the standard motorcycle for the Royal Flying Corps inthe Great War - an unparalleled testing ground for motorcycles, gaining for P&M the unrivalled reputation as one of the finest and most reliable of all heavy duty sidecar motorcycles. P&Ms served with the Royal Air Force until 1935.

In 1924, Phelon & Moore launched a highly successful and technically advanced sports model, the 'Panther'. The 600cc single cylinder Panther Model 100 became the most famous of all models, being produced from 1932 until its final form as a 650cc single - the largest single cylinder production motorcycle of the 1960s. Their other famed model was the 'Red Panther' of 1932. It entered the annals of motorcycling history as the cheapest and most complete motorcycle of the 1930s, at a bargain price of £29/17/6d.

P&M were based in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire and were always at the forefront of design and technology. This new book is a fully revised and extended edition of the author's original and widely acclaimed work, The Story of Panther Motorcycles (Patrick Stephens - 1983). It comprehensively covers every model, every prototype and every avenue of the company, with detailed drawings of the factory, staff biographies and an insight into the company's adminstration and export markets.

The author lives near Rye and is the Librarian to the Panther Owners Club. His other works include The Village Bus Remembered - The Story of John Dengate & Sons Ltd (BMJ - 1997)

Quotes and Reviews

"The history of Phelon & Moore covered in immense detail. Floor plans, engine diagrams, period adverts. A must for lovers of the Yorkshire one lungers." Classic Bike

"A terrific piece of work ... plots the full story from 1901 ... but it's more that that: mini biographies, machine specifications and everything else you can think of. One of the best histories I've ever seen" Old Bike Mart

"This is, frankly, a book of a breed which I had long thought dead in the motorcycle world ... a truly 'anorak' work and I do not mean that unkindly. This is a definitive work - a rare and noble one. Excellent. Barry Jones has expanded his earlier book on Panthers into an exhaustive history of the company and the community which grew up around it. An amazing book - if you buy only one motorcycling book this year, then buy this one. You will not regret it." Classic Bike Guide

"It is far more than a dry marque history ... a story of triumph of human ingenuity and endeavour over adversity. It captures in print the essential (qualities) of the marque. Barry is an eccentric genius of the pen and has immortalised himself along with the Panther."  Classic and Enthusiasts Motor Cycle Club (NSW, Australia)

"A definitive work and painstakingly comprehensive account. The Panther Story is not only a wonderful book for motorcycle enthusiasts but also for anyone interested in local history and in particular those with a thirst for a true Cleckheaton success story."  Spenborough Guardian

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