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The Panther Owners Club
The home of the Pefected Motorcycle

Below are some fine examples of the marque but first
follow the link below to catch up on events at the
2012 Panther Owners Club International Rally in Sweden.

Sweden 2012 - Olle's picture

Sweden 2012 - Lanny's pictures


A pair of Villiers engined
Model 35's - must be early 60's

1959 Model 120

1959 Model 120 648cc twin port single.
This is a very well travelled
machine, has a towbar fitted for a
trailer and is frequently  seen at
UK and European events.


Very rare 1928 Sports Panthette
A 4 speed 248cc V Twin,
This is probably the only road
legal example in the world

Model 95

1938-ish Model 95 - 500cc
another rather rare machine


Model 75

937 Model 85 inclined single.
A much modified machine
350cc or thereabouts!



37 M100


1937 or so - M100
Sporting Frank Leach's dip and
swivel headlight - operated from
the left hand twistgrip



Model 65


1950 Model 65 A 250cc upright single -
not quick but great fun.



TT Panther


A TT Panther - hen's teeth!
1927 ish & the only one in captivity



Model 100


1955 M100 - 600cc single
with single port head -
A lovely restoration



1933 M100


1933 Model 100 with a military feel
The 1930's machines are very desirable.



Model 25


Villiers engined two stroke from
somewhere between 1928 & 1933.
A model 25 I believe.



M65 from America


This picture was sent to Sloper's editor
in about 1980 from an American member.

Believe it's a Model 65, clearly a springer



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