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The Panther Owners Club
The home of the Pefected Motorcycle


Sloper is the monthly Magazine of the Panther Owners Club
It typically includes -

Section reports & Forthcoming events
Technical articles & tips
'Ex-Libris' - plenty of interesting information from the library
Letters & Photographs
Reprints of original Panther articles, adverts etc.
Classified adverts - the place to buy a Panther and start looking for spares
All club contact details for spares, sections, technical advice, etc
Updates on spares availability
New members listing
Rally and ride reports
Panther related miscellany, including occasional
agony aunt!


The club has a huge number of events taking place throughout
the year - the 2017 calendar already has over 30 events listed.

There is an annual National Rally, an International Rally,
a Panther Riders Only Rally & the Winter Rally.

There are section meetings, typically monthly, throughout
the United Kingdom & mainland Europe & there's stuff going
on in Australia & North America too from time to time.

There are various other camping weekends & other small rallies
throughput the year organised by the sections themselves, something,
somewhere every month of the year.

Further information in Sloper or on the members
only web pages


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including all photographs is the intellectual property
of the Panther Owners Club

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