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The Panther Owners Club
The home of the Pefected Motorcycle


The Panther Owners Club has an extensive spares scheme
available for members.

The club carries stocks of both heavyweight & lightweight
spares and supplies cables & chains

The club remanufactures a number of items including M100/M120 cylinder heads
which have been getting increasingly scarce as they tend to suffer from corrosion.

Overseas members should consult Sloper before placing any order.

Technical Advice

The Panther Owners Club offers a variety of technical advice:
Technical specialists are available to answer queries on Panthers including
the Panther Villiers machines.

The club holds original P&M drawings for Panther parts from 1918-64.
Note - the list is not complete.
Copies can be supplied to club members.

Ex-Libris (Library Service) has extensive Panther records and information

Further information in Sloper or on the members only web pages


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