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Welcome to the website of

the Panther Owners Club

The home of the Pefected Motorcycle


If you own a Panther motorcycle or simply have an interest in Panther motorcycles,
membership of the Panther Owners Club is for you.

The POC exists to help keep all Phelon & Moore's products running and offers technical help, spares and almost everything that you might need to keep your Panther on the road.
Where it belongs!

The club has a monthly newsletter " Sloper", a world-wide membership of almost 850 and is
very friendly, fun and informal with many local sections, meetings,
rallies and other events.

The Panther Pages link on the left will take you to a wealth of technical &
information produced independently of the club.


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Except where otherwise stated he content of this website
including all photographs is the intellectual property
of the Panther Owners Club

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Here it is at last.
The Hwt Engine & Gearbox Manual

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more information.